10 places you must visit in Sweden

Sweden is so enriched with the natural beauty that the travellers cannot stop of them from visiting Sweden again and again. Apart from the natural views, extra ordinary sculptures and unique tourist spots are making the country more awesome. You can taste the excitement of staying in an underwater hotel in Sweden. If you love the wildlife then staying in the tree hotel will certainly take you very closer to them. You will find many unique hotels throughout the country to make your traveling experience better. Click on the above link to explore the full pictorial article. More Info: sweden.se

5 Treehotel,Tree hotel

4 Camping in the wild,Camping in the wild,Rules for camping in the wild

3, Hotel Hackspett4

2 Fabriken Furillen,Fabriken Furillen

1 Falknästet,Trip Advisor reviews for Kullen Lighthouse