Quirky Holiday Homes In UK For Your Pleasant Escape Plan

Have you already done planning your next trip during the next year? If your answer is positive then it would be a pity that you have not gone through this article prior to the planning session. This segment shows 10 unique, quirky and awesome properties that will force you to give all the planning a good second thought so that you may visit these dreamlands one-by-one. Everybody likes to spend their holidays on a different note. So why don’t you consider staying in a working windmill, a castle or say a cool canal boat instead of an old boring hotel room?

A canal boat in Edinburgh’s Lochrin Basin
Belle Boatique
And there’s detail like this that are just asking for a filter


3 A working 19th century windmill

Just look at that beauty
This stunning apartment is set in the building of a converted windmill in Lincolnshire.
This stunning apartment is set in the building of a
This apartment is in: Lincolnshire

With a choice of two : hobbits huts,

converted historic castle


Perfect for couples, The Watchtower in North Devon has amazing views across the river.


This striking building used to be a 19th century five-storey corn mill, The Old Mill in Mattishall

12 This secluded lodge is one of five on the Downs Farm Lodges

13 The Thatch Hathaway Hamlet is possibly one of the most unique and character

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