A roadtrip across Iceland

From rugged black terrains to majestic waterfalls and mountains Iceland is a place that should be on everyone’s bucket list. Here we have an enthralling collection of breathtaking photographs of the Icelandic landscapes from William Patino, the guy who took aerial pictures of Iceland from drone. The collection includes the magical northern lights, Aurora Borealis, gigantic waterfall, a sky full of infinite twinkling stars. The photographs will make you think that the human life is truly nothing against such majestic nature. It will rekindle the traveller spirit in you and make you want to go on a roadtrip across Iceland at least once in your life. So start saving up!

More Info: boredpanda , williampatino.
Bring me to life
Bring me to life 3
Dance of the Universe
Dance of the Universe 2
Golden fields
Golden fields 9
I am /Infinity
I am .Infinity 4
Icelandic window views
Icelandic window views 1
Presence of the Almighty
Presence of the Almighty 8
Reflective moments
Reflective moments 10
Refuse to sink
Refuse to sink 7
Sea of stars
Sea of stars 5
Unity 6