A Romanian hairy vest

If you have looked at your own fallen hair every day and wondered that they will make a a whole wig for someone then you aren’t wrong. A 65 year old Romanian woman Ortansa Pascariu has collected her own hair that falls naturally every day since she was 40 for 20 years and made an intricately patterned vest out of it. She says she felt really nice knitting it out of her own hair. After collecting fallen hair for so long when she reached the age of 60 she found she had a kilo which was enough for the vest. She has always had long hair and had heard from other older women to not throw away fallen hair because that is equivalent to throwing away some part of their beauty. Taking two strands at a time to make one thread and then knitting the vest with those threads she completed it in one week. She gave the vest to the regional ethnographic museum where it is kept on display.



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