At the End of a Royal Road Lies the Dunseverick Castle Ruin

Dunseverick Castle was just off the 167 – 193 area of Causeway Road. In the past, it was the outskirts of the villages Dunseverick townland of Freigh, that is, it was the County Antrim Ireland.
You might finally discover Castle Dunseverick at the end of a raod from the Hill of Tara if you traveld along the coast of Ireland. This was an ancient Iron Age, 1200 BC-500 BC, monument. The Romano British Christain missionary and bishop of the Ireland, Saint Patrick was cited to get traveled to Dunseverick Castle to baptize future bishop Olcán in the 5th century.
Fergus Mor MacErc, the King of Dál Riata such as a western coast Gaelic overkingdom in Scotland, applied Dunseverick according to his seat of reign in period of the late 6th century. The Ó Catháin (O’Cahan) clan of Ulster, settled at Dunseverick from 1000 ad to 1320 ad. This was in the family possession again in period of the 1600’s. Note that General Robert Munro occupied and ruined Castle Dunseverick in 1642.



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