from Enemies become​ to best friends

This might introduce us about an adorable pair of the best friends. That is, Fuku called as the owlet and Marimo named as the kitten that loved each other, hanged out, played together and napped at their home in Hukulou coffee shop in Osaka, Japan. The café now is often gotten from other owl visitors as well. This was sold for fun owl-themed craft and good. Nonetheless, it looked as these two that were the stars in the introduction of show.
Right now, it seemed to become more and more popular in Japan and across the world about these animals. The café and bars in Tokyo and London had been introduced and written about this matter accordingly. So, it you had time and went to an owl café, don’t disturb and/or make sure that they had to have done everything they might do in order to ensure the owls’ comfort and safety before creating something in your business.








Credit Images : boredpanda