Roads under water

Dutch, we have even more of those things. its not special for me any more. But it’s one of the great solutions form our country.I think it would have been easier if they just made a bridge over the water.But this is Roads under water ,It is difficult to made
roads under water,What happen when water level goes up, and if water will come to the road under canal? .Remind us of Pump jab university tongue emoticon we do have these, ,when the sky have been raining . wow roads​way & waterway together.They will need pump every times ,
Just today passed via this tunnel,in so many tunnels like this even more bigger.
Requires bold and imaginative engineering to obtain a simple and smart solution that it Is under the water.awesome engineering civil good, super designing,

Credit Images : from FB

under water

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Over the water

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​ under water

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