Chaotic Photographs of Electric Cables Suspended Over Japanese Streets

The story from Japan might not yet stop. When visitors who came first to Japan, the one of things being created surprisingly them was that the most abundance of overhead electrical cables. It was not likely to be evident at first, but a short while you might your viewfinder to the sky with sure notice of electrical wires, transmission lines, TV cables fiber ontic lines and every other carrier of modern day technology. In total, there had been a concerted effort in order to go subterranean, more specifically, with the upcoming 2020 Olympics in Tokyo. Note that the costly operation might be taken time.
In general opinion, capturing a region in Tokyo should have surely to be one of the highest concentrations of overhead power lines. This was mentioned by photographer Ikue Mio. Linked with a photo report for Sankei, Mio traveled to west from Tokyo to the suburb of Hachioji and in there it might have a certain shopping street, known as shotengai in Japanese.
Note that the cables were so dense which had been almost obstructed the entire overhead. Please let check out the report over on the Sankei for more images.


Photo Credit : Spoon-tamago, sankei