Explore some top biking destinations

Do you love to ride bikes? Here you will be introduced to some top biking destinations around the world. You may have travelled a lot by buses or cars but you will never know the excitement of riding a bike in a tourist spot until you experience it. You can easily get a bike for rent and explore the inner beauty of the places like England, Cambodia, Thailand, Germany etc. Spectacular scenic views of those places will simply blow your mind while riding the bike. Click on the link given above to read the full article. More detail: gizmodo.com

1 This seems like cyclist nirvana: pedaling slowly across the Atacama Plateau in Chile

2 Bikers on the frozen Portage Lake, Alaska. Because biking on ice is fun, especially amidst such amazing wintertime scenery.

3 The world’s largest salt flat, located in Bolivia, is ideal for those cyclists among us who hate mountains.. And clothes.

4 If you’re a dedicated mountain biker, the Incan ruins of Peru are waiting for you

5 You can easily visit the temples and pagodas of Bagan, Myanmar, by bike.

6 You can easily visit the temples and pagodas of Bagan, Myanmar, by bike.

8 One of the most overwhelmingly sacred places on Earth is Angkor, Cambodia. And you can spend days among the ruins of the ancient Khmer temples by riding a cheap rented bike.


10 Rent a bike and take a ride in the Ayutthaya historical park when you visit Thailand.

11 Also coastal Croatia has beautiful bays and friendly hills.

12 Riding is fun on this 2-year-old bike path near the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco. And the view is awesome.

Credit : flickr.com