Grandiose Baroque Library in Prague Is a Stunning Kingdom for Books

In 1722 at Klementinum (Czech Republic), Baroque library was first opened, It a part of the Jesuit university and it building over 20 000 volumes , foreigner from any where were beginning came to live in Klementinum of the 17th century until recent times and became the most amazing library on the world because those hall were decorative with painting on the wall and ceiling since the 18th century ,In 1777 Maria Theresa announced as public this library and university .In 1781 Karel Rafael Ungar was director and he had establish and The concentration of written literature in Czech Republic language that they called a library of national ,this library is a oldest and we are all can visit because it still stand waiting for viewers in Czech Republic country .

Photo Credit : Sean Yan


Photo Credit: Klementinum


Photo Credit : ccmailb

Photo Credit: Klementinum


Photo Credit: ccmailb

Above photo source: Klementinum
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