Intriguing Installation Plunges a Library Deep into the Ground

Susanna Hesselberg was Swidish artist who recently might construct a library being plunged into an infinite abyss. From above ground, the intriguing installation might be inconspicuously marked and from distance, it might look as even though it was just a square frame being lying on the grass. However, when the viewer came to approach it, they might easily see the stacks of book descending into the earth. In brief, the compact structure was reminiscent including a mining shaft or water well without apparent bottom.
That is, these texts could not truly be reached and retrieved laces of the tunnel in mystery and certain sense of foreboding. The title of Hesselberg’s installation was introduced some words as When My Father Died It Was Like a Whole Library Had Burned Down, being alluded to feelings of loss and ways of mourning. In short, it was referencing lyrics from Laurie Andersons’s song World Without End.




Credit Photo : Mymodernmet
Via : Colossal