NYC’s Lowline to Turn Forgotten Trolley Tunnel into World’s First Underground Park

The environmental crisis was forced to some cities being turned to green space in the cities. That is, it was raised question that if New York might add green space to our ever growing cities or not?. This was to identify the answer from the New York City Lowline. To introduce using solar technology, there might want to transform a historic trolley terminal which was untouched sin 1948 into beautiful public gathering area. That is, it would become completely live plants and tree. In short, it could be given a conceptual sense as similar as the city’s popular High Line, in which it might be repurposed railroad tracks and turned them into a park.
In order to illuminate the underground space, Lowline planned to gather sunlight on the surrounding rooftops and used efficient mirrors. It might reflect the light down to street level and it might also collect all of these to be redirected underground through a series of tubes. Thus, Lowline might anticipate quite few sunlight accumulations so that there might a lot of different types of plant species being lived underground in the middle of a crowded Manhattan.








Photo Credit : Mymodernmet


Via : Website / Kickstarter