Plans For New Shibuya Skyscraper Unveiled

When we said about Tokyo, we might know that it was the capital of Japan, but we did know about scenery of that city. As seen in images, the face of Tokyo might continue to change accordingly. That is, this week Tokyu Corp. had started to unveiled plans to what a new skyscraper step linked from Shibuya station as we could have a look. For the crowd drawing landmarks, for instance, the Hachiko sculpture and the chaotic Shibuya crossing, the station might be now getting a 230 meter skyscraper that might also boast a luxurious public sky desk. This might offer views according to mentioned landmarks as well as Mountain Fuji.
When all went to the plan and it did usually in Japan, the new development might open in 2019 being been a year head with anticipated Tokyo Olympics. In addition to the press relase PDF, the 49 story building might become a mixed use facility according to retail, cultural spaces, and offices, in fact, the 3,000 square meter sky desk.





Credit Photo :Spoon-tamago & nikken