sampow pram pagoda on bokor hill

Sampow Pram Pagoda on BOKOR hill,In Cambodian Sampow Pram Pagoda means in English 5 ships​ Pagoda,when we heard​​ the word pagoda’s name, We definitely think that lowlands but Where it is contrary to the meaning of words​ ,fact, here is the second highest hill after Preah Vihear temple in Cambodia​,These were related with history of the volatility of the Earth .This pagoda bult in 1924 king SISOVATH reign,These hill should be want to see,That is in Cambodia

1 sampow pram pagoda

2 sampow pram pagoda

3 sampow pram pagoda
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4 sampow pram pagoda

5​ roads to sampow pram pagoda

6 sampow pram pagoda

7 This is Casino on Bokor mountain

8 This is Casino on Bokor mountain
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